Welcome to BVCS

BVCS has been found in Birmingham UK as a result of all the experiences leading up to the year 1999. BVCS has been created to be responsible for all the documentation activities with a scope of activity. It is not affiliated with any group or holding.

We carry out our auditing, certification, and training services, which are our field of activity, all over the world with headquarters in England. We have assessed the risks arising from our actions and have gotten professional liability insurance in response to the liabilities arising from the actions in the geographical areas we operate.

The policies and procedures created in BVCS Documentation are being managed with the principle of impartiality. BVCS Certification retains the authority for certification-related decisions and is responsible for all decisions made; including certification, maintaining, renewing, extending and/or narrowing, suspending, and withdrawing.

In order to carry out BVCS Certification’s activities, a competent staff has been formed to ensure continuous development.